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Get campus credits!

From the fall semester of 2023, students can earn credit points in student organizations such as the AG Sustainability! 

Upcoming events!

Monthly meetings

  • Tuesday, 30 .04.2024, 17.00
    College House , Meeting Room 206
  • Tuesday , 21.05.2024 , 17.00
    College House , Meeting Room 206

Events SS2024

Climate Fresco Workshop
Monday 29.04.2024 , 17.15 - 20.45
Petersplatz 1, 4051 Basel


Hearing No Objections: Youth Activism at COP 28, Movie Screening and Panel Discussion
Thursday, 02.05.2024, 18.30 - 20.00
Kollegienhaus, Lecture Hall 001, Petersplatz 1, 4051 Basel

Get active now

Would you like to contribute your own ideas and implement a specific project to improve sustainability at the University of Basel, or become part of an existing project? Or would you simply like to be inspired at one of our monthly meetings? You too can become active and help us to make the University of Basel more sustainable.

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