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Sustainability App

The successfully developed Sustainability Map will now become an app.

You can find more information about the Sustainability Map on, among other places Beast Blog the university and under the following link you can try out and use the map yourself.  

Project goal

From clothing stores to grocery stores, the map aims to make it possible to take the first steps towards a more sustainable lifegen or people who already pay attention to sustainabilityen, helping to find and support local businesses more easily. The development of an app should contribute to greater user-friendliness and possibly include the inclusion of a calendar for events in the area of sustainability. 


The aim of a sustainability app is to motivate more students to engage with the city of Basel's sustainable offerings and, ideally, to take the step towards more sustainable consumption. 


The development of an app is already underway. We are trying to push the bureaucratic process of app development forward at full speed. 


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