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The University Cafeterias are a fertile space for sustainable changes in the ecological footprint of the university. For this reason, it has been the focus of two AG projects so far.

Reduction of Disposable Coffee Cups

As early as 2013 there was a pilot project by the Sustainability Office, called “Refiller-Friendly University of Basel”, in which an attempt was made over a period of two months to make the university cafeterias more sustainable by providing reusable cups. The project is now being explored by students from the AG Nachhaltigkeit in collaboration with the university's Catering Committee [Verpflegungskommission] and SV Services.

Goal of the project

The project aims to reduce the use of single-use coffee cups at the University of Basel. At the same time, this also helps to reduce the amount of waste in the university canteens and cafeterias. The team created a video detailing the consumption of single-use coffee cups at the university (see right).


The project has been paused as it is not seen as a priority by the Catering Committee and SV Services. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 11.31.24 pm.png

Here is the claim form .

Demand Paper

Working together with the skuba board, the Sustainability Working Group has drawn up a paper on demands to expand the range of sustainable catering options at the University of Basel. In order to introduce these suggestions for improvement in the right place, talks have already taken place with Jennifer Kimmel (Head of Infrastructure & Operations) and a test phase of the proposed sustainable solutions is being carried out  expected to take place in May. 

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