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This project was one of the first after the founding of the AG Nachhaltigkeit. With the support of the Sustainability Office and the Facilities Department at the university, they were able to green their pilot roof at Mattenstrasse 28 and have now founded an association. You can find more information about their work on their website. .

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Our Vision

With the qualitative upgrading of green roofs, we are primarily pursuing the following goals:

  1. Upgrading already greened roofs through specific measures, so that an optimal habitat for bees and other insects is created.

  2. Anchoring the living space 'roof' in the consciousness of the population. The practice of greenroofing should be improved in the long term in order to achieve optimal green roofs right from the beginning of planning new buildings and renovations.

Public Relations and Awareness-Raising

We want to draw attention to the importance of optimal green roofs as a habitat for native plants and insects. We provide information on all aspects of greenroofing, offer help with your own greenroofing and conduct excursions to green roofs with the aim of raising awareness and arousing enthusiasm.

The knowledge of the advantages of a good green roof should be anchored in the minds of the people of Basel. This could make it a new norm to include optimal greenroofing when planning new or renovated roofs.

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